Transmission Hesperia, CA

The transmission in your car is responsible for regulated the amount of power that is transferred to the wheels allowing it to drive at a certain speed.  It is essential to make sure you are keeping up with your scheduled transmission service as it is a vital component of your car, and if it goes bad, you may use the ability to drive the vehicle.  At Scotty’s Automotive Repair we have highly trained and skilled technicians who are experts in the fields of transmission repair, transmission replacement, as well as a fully stocked transmission shop with the proper tools and parts to service all transmission issues.  In addition to being a full-service transmission shop, our technicians also have the experience and knowledge to perform clutch repair and clutch replacement.

Signs Your Car Requires Transmission Repair

Even if you keep up with routine transmission service, other circumstances can cause a transmission to require repair or replacement.  Listed below are some signs that your vehicle needs transmission repair or transmission replacement:

  • Shifting Problems- Since your vehicle's gears are an essential part of your vehicle's transmission, a common sign of transmission failure is problems shifting. Shifting issues can include slipping out of gear, gears shift for no reason, or jerking when the gears are shifting.
  • Grinding- When the gears in the transmission shift, they should do so smoothly without producing excessive noise. If you notice your car sounds noisy when the gears are shifting, it is a sign that the transmission needs to be checked.
  • Burning Smell- If you notice a burning smell, it can be a sign that the transmission is failing. The shifting gears within the transmission can become hot due to friction, and the burning smell is an indication that it needs to be serviced.
  • Cloudy or Foul-Smelling Transmission Fluid- Transmission fluid is bright red in color and has a sweet smell if you notice the transmission fluid is darker in color and has a foul odor it is a sign there is a transmission problem and should be serviced immediately.
  • Transmission Fluid Leaks- If you see spots or puddles or red fluid coming from your car, it is a sign there is a problem with the transmission, and it needs to be serviced.

Signs Your Car Requires Clutch Repair

Whether you drive a car with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, the clutch is responsible for regulating the turning of the car's wheels.  The engine in your vehicle is continuously spinning, but the wheels of the car are not, and the clutch is responsible for regulating how and when the wheels spin and stop.  Below is a list of signs that your vehicle needs clutch repair or clutch replacement:

  • Slipping Clutch- If your car engine is racing, but your car starts slowly, the clutch disc may be damaged, causing it to slip.
  • Clutch Pedal Feels Loose- If you drive a manual transmission and the clutch pedal feels loose or spongy, it is a sign that there is a problem with the clutch.
  • Grinding Noise- If you notice a grinding noise when the gears are shifting, it is a sign that the clutch needs to be serviced.
  • Stuck Gear- If you have trouble putting your car into reverse, or if it is stuck in gear, it is a sign that the clutch needs to be repaired.

At Scotty's Automotive Repair we know how important the transmission and clutch are to the vehicle operating correctly and efficiently.  If you are unsure when you last had transmission service or clutch service, call us today and schedule an appointment and one of our knowledgeable technicians will inspect your vehicle and answer any questions you have.