Exhaust Manifold Hesperia, CA

One essential system that keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently is the exhaust system.  The exhaust system is responsible for controlling engine noise, improve engine performance, carry away harmful gasses, and improve fuel efficiency.  Scotty’s Automotive Repair employs highly trained and experienced technicians that can work on catalytic converters, exhaust repair, and exhaust replacement.  If you suspect any exhaust problems visit our exhaust shop and speak with our expert staff.

What is an Exhaust Manifold?

The exhaust manifold is the part of the car that sends the gases produced during the combustion process through the tailpipe of the car to make room for oxygen.  Oxygen is a critical component to the operation of your car as the more oxygen a motor can utilize the more power the vehicle can produce.

What is a Catalytic Converter?

A car's catalytic converter is responsible for converting harmful compounds in the exhaust into harmless compounds.  Three toxic compounds produced by your vehicle include hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.  Unburned gasoline will turn into hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide is produced during gasoline combustion, and nitrogen oxide forms when the engine forces nitrogen into the air, and it combines with oxygen.  The catalytic converter is specifically designed to attach to the exhaust pipe and converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons into carbon and water, and nitrogen oxides into oxygen and nitrogen.

Signs You Need Exhaust Repair

One of the hardest working and most important car systems is that of the exhaust.  Over time and use this system can begin to break down and have issues, listed below are signs that your car requires exhaust repair:

  • Vibrations- One sign indicating you may have an exhaust issue is if you feel vibrations coming from the steering wheel or gas pedal.
  • A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency- If you find yourself having to fill up your gas tank more often than you used to it may be a sign that you require exhaust repair. Problems with an exhaust leak can cause the engine to run at a hotter temperature and reducing fuel efficiency.
  • Noisy Engine- One of the most obvious signs that the exhaust is having issues is increased engine noise. One of the responsibilities of the exhaust system is to reduce engine noise if you notice your engine is louder than it used to be it is time to have your vehicle checked for exhaust issues.

At Scotty's Automotive Repair the safety of our customers is our number one priority, and it is vital to make sure you are keeping up on routine maintenance, including having the exhaust system.  We have mechanics on hand who specialize in catalytic converters, exhaust repair, and exhaust replacement.  Our exhaust shop is stocked with the correct tools and parts needed to service any exhaust system.  If you are unsure when the last time was you had your exhaust system serviced, call us today to schedule an appointment and we will inspect your vehicle and answer any questions you may have about exhaust systems.