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Diesel engines require specific products and special care, so it is vital to have your diesel auto or diesel truck serviced by an expert in diesel engines. Simple mistakes like adding the wrong oil viscosity can damage a diesel engine, so it is always advised to have diesel engines repaired by a diesel repair shop. Scotty's Automotive Repair is a full-service diesel repair shop that employs highly trained and skilled diesel mechanics, and we understand how important it is to maintain and repair your diesel engine properly.

Diesel Repairs

Like any engine, diesel engines require routine maintenance and repair, so if you drive a diesel auto or truck, it is essential to know what the common diesel repairs are. Listed below are some of the most common problems you may encounter, and you will need to take your vehicle to a reputable diesel auto repair or diesel truck repair:

1. Oil Oxidation

Many diesel-powered trucks sit for extended periods of time, and since they are not running the oil is not circulating through the engine and oxidation can occur. When air enters the oil, it causes oxidation and the engine is not being lubricated properly and can cause extensive damage to the engine. If you have a diesel truck that sits for an extended period, it is recommended to have the oil changed before using it.

2. Black Exhaust

While many factors contribute to black exhaust, including excess fuel, bad air filter, malfunctioning injector pump, or bad EGR valve, it is crucial to have the issue addressed and fixed immediately. Not only does black exhaust make it hard to breathe, but you can also face expensive fines for violating clean air regulations.

3. Power

One of the more common problems that can occur in a diesel engine is lack of power. Lack of power can be caused by dirty filters, fuel injector issues, too much lubrication, or a loose throttle.

4. Starting

While it is not uncommon for diesel engines to crank slightly when they start if you notice that you are routinely having a hard time starting the diesel engine, it is a sign that there is a problem. The most common factors that contribute to engine starting problems include low compression or issues with the fuel delivery system; it is vital to go to a diesel repair shop and have the engine serviced.

5. Contaminated Fuel

Diesel fuel can be easily contaminated by water, glycol, and soot. These contaminants can cause significant engine problems.

6. Humidity

If a vehicle that runs with a diesel engine sits for long periods of time in humid or wet conditions, moisture can enter the engine and contaminate the lubricant which can seriously damage the engine. Excess moisture can also increase oxidation, causing damage to the engine.

7. Wrong Oil Viscosity

Engine oil lubricates and keeps diesel vehicle running smoothly, but if the wrong oil viscosity is used, it can damage the engine. Diesel engines use much high viscosity levels than gasoline engines and if you have your diesel engine serviced by someone unfamiliar with diesel engines they may end up using the wrong viscosity. At Scotty's Automotive Repair we are a full service diesel repair shop. Our highly trained and experienced diesel auto repair technicians and diesel truck repair technicians can provide diagnosis and fix any issue you have with your diesel engine. Don't trust your diesel repairs to just anybody you want to go to a diesel repair shop that has the right equipment and products specifically designed for use on diesel engines, call us today and schedule an appointment you will be happy you did.