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Car ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, and part of that responsibility is to keep up on routine maintenance to endure your vehicle is operating safely. The vehicle alternator is responsible for providing power to the electrical components of your car, and if it begins to fail you will need to find an alternator shop, and either have a knowledgeable mechanic repair alternator or replace the alternator. Scotty’s Automotive Repair is a full-service automotive shop with all the proper tools and parts along with a team of highly skilled mechanics that can service any alternator. We also carry cheap and affordable alternators to help you get your vehicle back running correctly and safely.

What Can Cause an Alternator to Go Bad?

There are a few ways that the alternator can go bad, and unfortunately, this can occur suddenly and without any warning. Listed below are common ways the alternator can go bad:

1. Overcharging

This is a problem involving the voltage regulator causing the alternator to send to the battery causing the battery to die and possibly causing the battery fluid to boil over.

2. Undercharging

The most common reason that alternators go bad is due to undercharging. This problem can present itself early enough for you to have the alternator serviced and is noticeable by the lights dimming when the engine is idling due to the alternator not providing enough power.

3. Mechanical Failure

Like any other part of a vehicle over time the alternator can have mechanical failures that include worn out bearings, inability to charge the battery, overheating due to thrown drive belt, or the alternator can seize up completely.

Signs You Need an Alternator Repair

The alternator is a vital component of your vehicle and provides the power your vehicle needs to run and power the electrical systems; if it goes bad you will not be able to drive your car. Unfortunately, many times the alternator will go bad quickly, and you may not have any warning that it is going bad, but below is a list of symptoms' that can indicate issues with the alternator:

1. Warning Light

Many modern vehicles are equipped with dashboard warning lights that can alert the driver; there are problems with the car. If the alternator is experiencing issues, the warning light will come on, prompting the driver to have it serviced.

2. Dim Lights

The alternator is a vital component of the cars electrical system and one indication that the alternator is going bad is that the lights may start to dim or other electronic components like the power seats or power windows to fail.

3. Dead Battery

Since the alternator is what charges the battery, if the battery becomes weak or dead it may be a sign that the alternator is going bad, so you need to have it checked as well as the battery.

4. Noise

To produce the electrical current needed to power your car, the alternator contains many parts that can begin making whining or grinding noises when they become worn. If you hear unusual noises, you should have your car checked out immediately.

5. Foul Smell

The alternator works in conjunction with a series of belts, and if the belts are damaged or worn, they may heat up and slip off the alternator pulley, causing a burning rubber smell. If you notice a rubber smell, it is essential to have your vehicle checked out. At Scotty's Automotive Repair, the safety of our customers is our number one priority, and it is vital to make sure your car's alternator is functioning correctly so that you are not left stranded. We have an expertly trained staff of mechanics who have the experience to repair the alternator or replace the alternator. We also have an alternator shop which is stocked with cheap and affordable alternators to fit any budget. If you suspect your alternator may be going bad call us today and schedule an appointment.