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One of the most used, and often overlooked, systems is the auto air conditioning system. Car owners usually take for granted that the vehicle air conditioning system will work properly, and they forget to have it serviced until it is too late. At Scotty's Automotive Repair we understand how frustrating it can be to have your vehicle air conditioning system fail, especially when it is in the heat of summer. We employ the finest mechanics who have extensive knowledge in the fields of auto air conditioning repair and auto air conditioning replacement.

Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair

The last thing you want as a car owner is to step out on the hottest day of summer and get into your car only to find out the air conditioning is not working. Before your vehicle air conditioning stops working altogether, there are usually signs that it needs to be repaired. Some of the common signs that your auto air conditioning needs repair include: •

1. Hot Air

One sure sign that your vehicle air conditioning needs repair is that you have warm or hot air coming from the vent instead of cool or cold air. This is most likely due to a lack of refrigerant, and more will need to be added, and the system will need to be checked for leaks. •

2. Foul Odor

If you have a foul musty or mildew smell emanating from the vehicles air conditioning vents, it is a sign that it needs service. There could be a leak somewhere in the system, causing mold to develop, and it is vital to have it serviced as soon as possible. •

3. Floorboard Stains-

If you notice water puddling or water stains developing on the floorboard of the vehicle under the dash, it is an indication that the auto air conditioning needs repair. This could be a sign of a cracked or clogged drain hose and should be serviced immediately. •

4. Rattling or Banging

If you begin to hear rattling or banging noises coming from your vehicle's engine, it is a sign your vehicle air conditioning needs service. The most common reasons for rattling and banging include a bent or broken fan, worn or broken condenser fan belt, or dirt and debris buildup causing the fan to malfunction. It is vital to have the issue addressed immediately before more extensive damage occurs to the auto air conditioning system.

Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioning Replacement

Your auto air conditioning system endures a lot of stress from constantly being turned on and off, and over time, it will inevitably fail and need to be replaced. Below is a list of sings that you will need auto air conditioning replacement: •

1. Broken Clutch

Your vehicle air conditioning system has its own clutch that transfers power from the engine to the compressor. If this clutch is stuck or broken, there will be no power transfer, and the ac will stop working; unfortunately, this cannot be repaired, and the system must be replaced. •

2. Warm or Hot Air

If your auto air conditioning is blowing warm or hot air instead of cold air it can indicate that the compressor has gone bad and the refrigerant is unable to circulate through the air conditioning system. If the compressor goes bad, it will need to be replaced. •

3. Fluid Leakage

The air compressor in your auto air conditioning unit contains internal bearings which form a seal to prevent the leakage of refrigerant. If the bearings become damaged or worn out, they cannot be fixed, and they will need to be replaced. At Scotty’s Automotive Repair we understand how vital your vehicle air conditioning system is to the comfort of you and your family. We employee the best car ac repair technicians so if you are experiencing any problems with your auto air conditioning call us today and schedule an appointment we will be more than happy to inspect and service your vehicle air conditioning system.